Welcome to the best source for Charlotte, NC real estate listings and homes for sale.  We cover the entire Charlotte Metro area including Union, Lancaster, and York Counties.  Charlotte and the surrounding cities offer a broad range of housing options from reasonably priced homes for first time buyers to gated estates worth millions to farms & equestrian properties and more.  We have waterfront homes, golf course and country club homes, condos and town homes and just about anything else you can imagine.  

A different way of buying homes.  

When you work with a buyer's specialist at R.W. Price & Associates you'll have the benefit of knowing that they are working hard for you and only for you.  Our buyer's specialists are just that - specialists.  They work with buyers only - never with sellers - which allows them to focus 100% of their time and effort on getting you the best possible deal.  And because they don't work with sellers there's never a possibility for a conflict of interest.  The buyer team does a great job of locating the right house, getting the best deal, and making sure the transaction is a smooth as possible.

A different way of selling homes.

Unlike a traditional real estate brokerage R.W. Price & Associates does not have individual listing agents.  Rather we have a centralized marketing team that includes both staff and independent contractors all of whom are responsible for executing specific parts of our marketing plan.  This team, headed by Richard Price, markets every property according to the same plan rather than having many different agents each doing it their own way.  This is how we sell our homes faster and for more money - it's like nothing you've ever experienced.  

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