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Richard Price, Owner

As the Marketing Director of the firm it's Richard's job to oversee our listings and ensure that our documented approach to home selling is properly executed. In over a decade of serving Charlotte area homeowners he's learned that no two clients, and no two situations, are alike. When you meet him you'll quickly discover that he's not there to sell you anything, he's there to listen. In an industry rife with high-pressure sales, scripted presentations, and inauthentic people our clients find his anti-sales approach refreshing.   

When he’s not working you’ll find Richard spending time with his family, mountain biking, and, when time allows, traveling.  A committed philanthropist, Richard gives a portion of earnings to local and national charitable causes, non-profit foundations, and schools.  He publishes a monthly newsletter called Allright Sally with original stories about his life, his business, his clients, his family, and more. Subscribe to a printed version or access digital copies at www.allrightsally.com 



Lloyd Trimble, Owner


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